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Star Trek: The Animated Series - Wikipedia Star Trek: The Animated Series (originally known simply as Star Trek but also known as The Animated Adventures of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek) is a 1973 animated ...

A preview of the Star Trek HDDVD release of Season 1 released in 2007 This was the only season released in the HDDVD format


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Ending slurred some
16.09.2017 | Comment
Very interesting and exciting series, zhdems continuation !!!
15.09.2017 | Comment
Laytovy serialchik) time to kill the self) and freight) look pleased interessno) advise)
14.09.2017 | Comment
An intriguing series. I advise to look not pozheleete lost time
13.09.2017 | Comment
Kaaaaak do you want to direct now all the series have been ... have to look forward to !!! The show was fantastic, it draws from the first minute, from the first seconds, with the first frame !!!
12.09.2017 | Comment
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Star Trek: The Original Series - Wikipedia Star Trek is an American science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry that follows the adventures of the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) and its crew.

Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek is an American science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry that follows the adventures of the starship USS Enterprise NCC1701 and its crew Star Trek The Original Series Season Two Remastered Edition It later acquired the retronym of Star Trek The Original Series Star Trek TOS or simply TOS to distinguish the show within the media franchise that it began The show is set in the Milky Way galaxy roughly during the 2260s The ship and crew are led by Captain James T Kirk William Shatner first officer and science officer Spock Leonard Nimoy and chief medical officer Leonard McCoy DeForest Kelley Shatners voiceover introduction during each episodes opening credits stated the starships purpose Space the final frontier These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise Its fiveyear mission to explore strange new worlds to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where no man has gone before The series was produced from September 1966 to December 1967 by Norway Productions and Desilu Productions and by Paramount Television from January 1968 to June 1969 Star Trek aired on NBC from September 8 1966 to June 3 19695 and was actually seen first on September 6 1966 on Canadas CTV network 6Star Treks Nielsen ratings while on NBC were low and the network canceled it after three seasons and 79 episodes Several years later the series became a bona fide hit in broadcast syndication remaining so throughout the 1970s achieving cult classic status and a developing influence on popular culture Star Trek eventually spawned a franchise consisting of six additional television series thirteen feature films numerous books games and toys and is now widely considered one of the most popular and influential television series of all time 7 The series contains significant elements of Space Western as described by Gene Roddenberry and the general audience 8 Contents 1 Creation 2 Development 3 Production 3 1 Season 1 1966–67 3 2 Season 2 1967–68 3 3 Season 3 1968–69 3 4 Syndication 3 5 Remastered edition 4 Cast 4 1 Characterizations 4 2 Characters cameo appearances in later series 4 3 Notable guest appearances 5 Episodes 5 1 Notable episodes 5 2 Leonard Nimoy Star Trek Memories 6 Broadcast history 7 Music 7 1 Theme song 7 2 Dramatic underscore 7 3 Episodes with original music 8 Awards 9 Distribution 9 1 Home media 9 2 Bluray 9 3 Online distribution 10 Merchandising 10 1 Action figures 10 2 Comic books 11 Cultural influence 11 1 Parodies 11 2 Fan productions 12 Criticisms 13 See also 14 References 15 External links Creationedit On March 1