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Reindeer Games: Director's Cut (Blu-ray) • Blu-ray Authority Reindeer Games: Director’s Cut ... of added footage alters the movie a ... a chance to own the definitive version of Reindeer Games. Being a director’s cut, ...


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Reindeer Games (Deception) (2000) - Rotten Tomatoes The Tomatometer rating – based on the published opinions of hundreds of film and television critics – is a trusted measurement of movie and TV ...

Reindeer Games (2000) - Rotten Tomatoes Add Article TOMATOMETER AUDIENCE SCORE Average Rating 2 Reindeer Games Director S Cut 55 User Ratings 43068 Critic Consensus Despite a decent cast subpar acting and a contrived plot disappointed reviewers View All Photos 5 A burglar looking to make time with a beautiful woman after five years in prison falls into a dangerous trap in this action drama Rudy Ben Affleck is serving time in prison for auto theft where he becomes friendly with his cellmate Nick James Frain Nick has been enjoying a spicy courtship by mail with a woman named Ashley Charlize Theron who has sent him several enticing photos even though he has been unable to send her any of himself Rudy and Nick are to be released the same day but Nick is killed in an altercation with only three days left to serve Rudy is let out on schedule and discovers Ashley unaware that Nick is dead is waiting for him Swayed by her beauty Rudy claims to be Nick which turn out to be fun until Rudy meets Ashleys brother Gabriel Gary Sinise Gabriel runs with a group of outlaws planning on using Nicks knowledge of an Indian gambling casino in Michigan where he once worked in order to stage a massive robbery on Christmas Eve Rudy soon realizes if keeps on being Nick he gets to stay with Ashley but hell also have to go along with Gabriels robbery which could easily land him back in prison or get him killed Clarence Williams III Danny Trejo and Donal Logue play Gabriels henchmen Dennis Farina Isaac Hayes and Ashton Kutcher also highlight the supporting cast ~ Mark Deming Rovi Watch now Watch now Watch now Watch now Watch now James Frainas Nick Danny Trejoas Jumpy Ashton Kutcheras College Kid Dana Stubblefieldas The Alamo Mark Achesonas Mean Guard Tom Heatonas Ugly Staffer Thomas Heatonas Ugly Staffer Michael Sunczykas Distant Inmate No 1 Douglas H Arthursas Distant Inmate No 2 Dean Wrayas Guard No 1 Clarence Williams IIIas Merlin Ron Sauveas Guard No Reindeer Games Director S Cut 2 Ron Jeremyas Prisoner No 1 Hrothgar Mathewsas Exit Guard Gordon Tootoosisas Old Governor Lee Jay Bamberryas Young Governor Frank Jonesas Security Boss Jimmy Hermanas Bartender John B Destryas Fat Guy Ana Paul Piedadeas Portuguese Woman Enuka Okumaas Cocktail Waitress No 1 John Destreyas Fat Guy Eva De Viveirosas Cocktail Waitress No 2 Joanna Pirosas TV Newscaster Robyn Driscollas Desk Clerk Lonny Chapmanas Old Timer Alonso Oyarzunas Casino Dealer Hrothgar Matthewsas Exit Guard Rod Wolfeas Cashier No 1 Marcus Hondroas Cashier No 2 Sam Bobas Video Guard Jacob Ruppas Park Ranger No 1 David Jacoxas Park Ranger No 2 Anna Haganas Mother Ken Camrouxas Father Terry OSullivanas Aunt Mary Michael Puttonenas Bill Paula Shawas Aunt Lisbeth Don S Williamsas Uncle Ray Michael Sunczkas Distant Inmate 1 Jenafor Ryaneas Jill James Hutsonas Mike Wendy Noelas Stacey Blair Slateras Sam Show More Cast View All Critic Reviews 88 View All Audience Reviews Jumpy It says here the retail industry does 50 of its business between December 1st and December 25th Thats half a years business in one months time It seems to me an intelligent country would legislate a second such gift giving holiday Create say a Christmas 2 late May early June to further stimulate growth View All Quotes Discuss Reindeer Games on our Movie forum More News & Features

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