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Featured: "Songs of the Cowboy" by Jack Thorp (N. Howard ... Selections by N. Howard ("Jack") Thorp: What's Become of the Punchers. What's become of the punchers We rode with long ago? The hundreds and hundreds of cowboys


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Very unexpected! Thank you so much!! So I am waiting for this movie. thought for at least another month to wait))
15.09.2017 | Comment
Looked for the spectacle and spetseffektov.Spasibo))
14.09.2017 | Comment
Only now got around to this series, from the first series, I can say - look, what will happen, we'll see)!
13.09.2017 | Comment
Only now got around to this series, from the first series, I can say - look, what will happen, we'll see)!
12.09.2017 | Comment
Yes, really looks at one go.
11.09.2017 | Comment
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Joseph Randle: What happened to Dallas Cowboys RB ... Fifteen months ago Joseph Randle was the Dallas Cowboys tearing up the NFL. Then came a possible concussion, an array of off-field misdeeds and massive confusion ...

Joseph Randle: What happened to Dallas Cowboys RB | Longform Randle’s experience highlights one of the myriad ways in which an NFL locker room makes for an unusual workplace Concrete Cowboys Bail Out A player may share a particularly close bond with his coworkers around whom he spends an inordinate amount of time during the season and upon whom so much of his personal safety is dependent But he may also be abruptly cut off from those relationships and that support system altogether for reasons that may or may not have anything to do with his job performance In Randle’s case it’s unclear how much he leaned on his teammates Friends and family say he rarely socialized with other players “He did his own thing but that’s not unusual” says a team source Asked to describe Randle Cowboys running back Lance Dunbar one of the few teammates Randle’s friends saw with him away from the team smiles He says Randle was “a character” and “funny in some ways ” Funny how “We’d laugh at him some of the stuff he said Just crazy stuff stuff he shouldn’t be saying ” Randle celebrates with Cowboys teammates 2015 Brandon WadeAP In the end whether or not the Cowboys released him Randle would have soon been separated from his teammates On Nov 10 2015 a week after being cut he was officially banned for four games by the NFL for the alleged incident at the hotel in Wichita But the sudden loss of employment in the midst of his personal turmoil was a jarring fissure “The kid never really got a chance to try to put his feet around the mental health stuff before he had to deal with not having a team” Haley says “After that it’s like his whole life just went to crap ” Speaking to the media on the day of Randle’s release Cowboys COO Stephen Jones referred to the running back’s “personal issues” and said his “full body of work” factored into the decision Jerry Jones declined to address whether Randle’s looming suspension played a part Asked about the sudden shift from his supportive comments two days earlier he cited the “best interest of the entire team ” He continued “We’re in good shape at running back or we wouldn’t have made this decision ” Those close to Randle found the quick reversal perplexing “If Jerry was really concerned about Joseph’s mental health” Rodriguez says “he would have helped him along instead of just releasing him and saying I can wash my hands of it ” Friends describe Randle in the days following his release as being “lost ” He hoped to be claimed on waiversparticularly by the Texans so he could reunite with former Dallas and OSU quarterback Brandon Weedenbut when no one came calling reality began to set in “Joe was on his own” says a friend “He’s a kidhow much can you ridicule him for not having guidance” Randle moved back home settling himself into a rental apartment owned by his father 10 minutes from the house where he grew up He returned to a familiar offseason routine training twice a day in case a team came calling But friends and family worried about his homecoming they saw little awaiting him in his old haunts aside from detours and trouble Three weeks after Randle’s release those warnings began to prove wellfounded While playing blackjack at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane around 1040 p m on Nov 24 Randle became “belligerent” and was asked to leave according to a source with the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission Following an alleged physical altercation with security he was arrested and charged with criminal trespass interference with a law enforcement officer and two counts of disorderly conduct Two weeks later representing himself in court he told a judge that he planned to plead not guilty and asked for a 30day continuance to find an attorney which was granted Randle with exgirlfriend and mother of his child Avina Rodriguez via Facebook When Rodriguez’s nursing school semester ended in December she joined Randle in Wichita By then she says his paranoia seemed tempered though he still had good days and bad ones He gave up drinking completely for a period in January and began regular visits with a psychologist “The first two trips he felt a sigh of relief” Rodriguez says “He was relieved that he didn’t hate it ” He continued working out regularly running stairs with John at Wichita State’s Cessna Stadium telling people around town that he’d received feelers from playoffbound teams But the NFL postseason would pass without a contract and Randle’s continued unemployment began weighing on him “He would be like ‘What you up to Come over’ ” says Gregory Hawkins a friend from college “I’d be like ‘All rightbut you know I gotta work first ’ He’d be like ‘Man at least you got a job Concrete Cowboys Bail Out ’ ” In late January Rodriguez returned to Dallas to resume nursing school A month later came Randle’s 3 a m arrest at Rodriguez’s mother’s home for the unpaid speeding ticket He secured a quick release and returned to Wichita where on the afternoon of Feb 21 he stopped by the Boys & Girls Club to chat with Allen as he often did Randle mentioned two or three NFL teams as being interested in working him out “He was still positive still hopeful” says Allen The old coach reminded Randle to be mindful of trouble in town his return to the league was already an uphill battle “You know guys are gonna be hating” Allen warned him “Don’t be in the area where these kinds of guys are ” Randle seemed to be in agreement His actions would suggest otherwise That evening according to an eyewitness Randle visited a bar in Wichita’s Old Town district Inside he ignored the staff’s repeated requests to remove his sunglassesa violation of the dress codebefore grudgingly complying When he ordered a drink he threw his cash at the bartender A short time later the witness says security guards kicked him out Randle’s mug shot after he was arrested outside Rodriguez’s mother’s house Irving Police DepartmentAP Around 2 a m at the invitation of a friend Randle made his way to a housewarming party across town And that according to eyewitness testimony is when the night devolved into chaotic violence Randle quickly got into an argument with a man at the party over the rules of a game of beer pong shortly thereafter he objected to the same partygoer who is half black and half white using the word “nigga ” The party’s host intervened following Randle onto the balcony and pleading with him to calm down But back inside Randle engaged in another altercation this time taunting the host’s 5 7 20yearold younger brother The host asked Randle to leave and Randle complied walking down a front set of stairs toward the door  But then according to several witnesses he tried dashing back up the steps and both he and the host were sent tumbling down the staircase in a heap At the bottom as they pulled themselves from the fray the host was able to push Randle out the door while partygoers leveraged the host’s back The host followed Randle outside to make sure he left In his black Honda Accord Randle backed out of the driveway as if he was leaving then accelerated forward onto the lawn striking the host in the legs and sending him over the hood Witnesses say Randle then drove across a neighbor’s yard and looped back again to strike the host and his sister who’d come to his aid sending them onto the vehicle’s roof Both suffered bruises and abrasions the sister was concussed When those two managed to retreat inside Randle used his car to strike the first partygoer with whom he’d argued When everything seemed to have finally settled and everyone was inside Randle kicked in the locked front door and began pointing at people demanding “Who else wants some” onto the vehicle’s roof Police arrived soon after and placed Randle under arrest charging him with criminal threat criminal property damage unlawful possession of a controlled substance he was carrying marijuana aggravated burglary for kicking the door in and four counts of aggravated battery He would later tell his family that his car had been surrounded leading to the collisions while he tried to drive away and that he’d been defending himself during the physical altercations He later told a judge “I don’t recall ever driving that car ” At a subsequent hearing he unsuccessfully petitioned a judge to lower his 100000 bond to 5000 so that he could “go work out” and receive “alcohol treatment” in California Randle spent nine days in jail then posted full bond and was released on March 1 Five days later after he failed to appear at his court date a police officer arrived at his home to serve an arrest warrant Instead Randle took off hopping a chainlink fence in his backyard and leading authorities on a lengthy chase down the block Once the K9 team arrived Randle finally surrendered “Hey” he called out from behind a car “I’m right here” He would run no more

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