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The Hurricane (1999) - IMDb Directed by Norman Jewison. With Denzel Washington, Vicellous Shannon, Deborah Kara Unger, Liev Schreiber. The story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a boxer wrongly ...

Trailer for Norman Jewisons film starring Denzel WashingtonLiev SchreiberVicellous Reon ShannonDeborah Kara UngerDan HedayaDavid PaymerJohn


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Severe Wild West ...
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The Hurricane (1937 film) - Wikipedia The Hurricane is a 1937 film set in the South Seas, directed by John Ford and produced by Samuel Goldwyn Productions, about a Polynesian who is unjustly imprisoned.

The Hurricane (1937 film) - Wikipedia The Hurricane is a 1937 film set in the South Seas directed by John Ford and produced by Samuel Goldwyn Productions about a Polynesian who is unjustly imprisoned The Hurricane The climax features a special effects hurricane It stars Dorothy Lamour and Jon Hall with Mary Astor C Aubrey Smith Thomas Mitchell Raymond Massey and John Carradine James Norman Hall Jon Halls uncle cowrote the novel of the same name on which The Hurricane is based Contents 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Awards and nominations 4 Critical reception 5 Literary references 6 Remake 7 DVD 8 References 9 External links As a passenger ship sails by the bleak ruins of a deserted island Dr Kersaint Thomas Mitchell blows his former home a kiss When a fellow passenger asks him about the place he tells its tragic story segueing into a flashback During the colonial era in the South Pacific the natives of the island of Manakoora are a contented lot Terangi Jon Hall the first mate on an islandhopping schooner marries Marama Dorothy Lamour the daughter of the chief Al Kikume She has a premonition and begs him not to leave or at least take her with him on the ships next voyage but he makes her stay behind Upon reaching Tahiti the crew goes to a bar to celebrate When a racist white man orders them to leave Terangi strikes him and breaks his jaw Unfortunately the man has strong political connections and the governor is forced to sentence him to six months in jail over the objections of Terangis captain Nagle Jerome Cowan Back on Manakoora Dr Kersaint begs recently appointed local French Governor Eugene De Laage Raymond Massey to have Terangi brought home to serve his sentence under parole but De Laage refuses to compromise his stern interpretation of the law despite the pleas of Captain Nagle Father Paul C Aubrey Smith and even his own wife Mary Astor Unable to bear being confined Terangi repeatedly tries to escape lengthening his sentence by another 16 years much to the delight of a particularly harsh jailer John Carradine Finally after eight years Terangi succeeds in getting out but at a terrible price he unintentionally kills a guard He steals a canoe and returns to Manakoora after an arduous journey At the end he is rescued from his overturned canoe by Father Paul who promises to remain silent He is reunited with Marama and a daughter Kuulei De Clercq he has never seen before Chief Mehevi recommends the family hide on a tabu island where no one will look for them However De Laage discovers their preparations and commandeers the schooner to hunt them down Terangi turns back to warn his people after he sees birds fleeing the island an unprecedented ominous event that Marama had dreamed about many years before A onceinalifetime hurricane strikes the island A few among them Dr Kersaint and his pregnant patient weather the disaster in a canoe while Terangi ties his family and Madame De Laage to a stout tree The rest drown and the island is stripped bare The tree floats away Terangi later finds a war canoe in the water which he uses to get his party to a small island When they spot the schooner Terangi signals it with smoke before fleeing in the canoe with his family Governor De Laage embraces his wife but then spots something far away through his binoculars Madame De Laage insists it must be a floating log suspecting Tarangi saved his wife after a pause he agrees with her The Hurricane Dorothy Lamour as Marama Jon Hall as Terangi Mary Astor as Madame Germaine De Laage C Aubrey Smith as Father Paul Thomas Mitchell as Dr Kersaint Raymond Massey as Governor Eugene De Laage John Carradine as Warden Jerome Cowan as Captain Nagle Al Kikume as Chief Mehevi Kuulei De Clercq as Tita Layne Tom Jr as Mako Mamo Clark as Hitia Movita Castaneda as Arai Awards and nominationsedit The film was nominated for three Academy Awards winning in the category for Best Sound 1 Best Sound Recording Thomas T Moulton Best Supporting Actor nomination Thomas Mitchell Best Music Score nomination Alfred Newman Critical receptionedit New York Times critic Frank S Nugent praised the climactic special effect created by James Basevi stating It is a hurricane to blast you from the orchestra pit to the first mezzanine It is a hurricane to film your eyes with spindrift to beat at your ears with its thunder to clutch at your heart and send your diaphragm vaulting over your floating rib into the region just south of your tonsils 2 He complimented the performances of all of the principal actors with the exception of Hall whose Terangi was described as a competent Tarzan 2 Nugent also faulted the uneven pacing but in the end characterized the film as one of the most thrilling spectacles the screen has provided this year 2 Literary referencesedit In his memoir La tregua The Truce retitled The Reawakening for publication in the U S Primo Levi recounted his experience watching The Hurricane among other films while he was interned at a Soviet transit camp at Starye Dorogi in the aftermath of World War II The audience of Soviet troops former prisoners of war and Holocaust survivors Levi included became more and more unruly as the movie progressed culminating in what Levi called a witches sabbath when the actual hurricane appeared on screen A fight broke out in the cramped theater and the projectionist decided to shut off the film before the end to Levis dismay he recalled the film as quite a good American film of the thirties A remake of this movie was released in 1979 directed by Jan Troell and starring Jason Robards Jr and Mia Farrow The Hurricane was released on Bluray and DVD by Kino Lorber Studio Classics in November 2015 3 Referencesedit The 10th Academy Awards 1938 Nominees and Winners oscars org Retrieved 20110810   a b c Frank S Nugent November 10 1937 Hurricane 1937 New York Times   Kino Lorber Studio Classics Classic Images January 2016 p  36   accessdate= requires url= help External linksedit The Hurricane at the American Film Institute Catalog The Hurricane on IMDb The Hurricane at AllMovie The Hurricane at the TCM Movie Database The Hurricane at Virtual History

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